Early in the morning of August 5, 1944, 982 refugees from Nazi terror arrived at Fort Ontario in Oswego, New York. They had few possessions and little money, but they had an iron will to survive. Safe Haven, Inc., an all volunteer 501 C-3 Corporation, was formed in 1989 to keep alive the story of these former refugees and the small community that helped them fulfill their dream.

In 2002 Safe Haven, Inc. renovated a century-old building on the National Register of Historic Places into a handicapped-accessible museum. A significant outcome of this project is that the story of the 982 refugees, largely unknown even in New York State, will be preserved for generations.

Completion of the museum is a significant achievement. But operating it over the next decades is an even bigger challenge.

Your financial support, by way of a membership for yourself and your family, is important.

The Safe Haven Holocaust Refugee Shelter Museum is not self-supporting. Membership dollars help fund its daily operations and ensure that it will remain available to the thousands of people who visit each year. As a Safe Haven member you’ll receive regular information about museum events as well as other special benefits.

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